Creating an ecosystem of information for the next generation of diagnostic solutions

The complexity of precision medicine is only increasing due to a lack of infrastructure to support translational bioinformatics that incorporate datasets from radiology, pathology, and multi-omics throughout the patient journey, from diagnosis to treatment and monitoring.

To address this significant gap, REALM is developing a groundbreaking integrated data platform that combines genomics, pathology, and radiology data along with other critical information to uncover new, clinically relevant biomarkers and create the next generation of diagnostic tests.

The platform, known as LATTICE™, leverages REALM’s unique access to proprietary software platforms, best-in-class genomics technology from Ambry Genetics, and industry-leading radiology and pathology services from Invicro. The ability to uniquely collect, analyze, and report on multi-modal diagnostic data sets will drive clinical access to novel diagnostic assays through the company’s extensive network of healthcare providers and pharmaceutical partners.