Pathology Services

From core histology to custom assay services and digital image analysis, REALM Pharma Services offers comprehensive pathology tissue testing capabilities for a variety of tissue types and stains. With a combination of standardized, proven techniques and novel, tailored approaches, we can help you answer your research questions with the right level of resolution and specificity.


Our pathology core lab provides comprehensive histology services for FFPE and fresh frozen tissue samples, including specimen grossing, tissue processing, embedding and microtomy, slide staining and digitization.

Custom Assay Design

Our team of expert scientists consult with our partners to gain a deep understanding of the research questions being asked and design bespoke assays to help answer them.

Multiplex Immunofluorescence

For studies involving complex interactions of multiple biomarkers, REALM Pharma Services offers multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF) assays, which can overcome the limitations of traditional immunohistochemistry.

Digital Pathology and Image Analysis

Our digital pathology team can generate high resolution images of your pathology slides, and upload them to our cloud storage platform where you can view them anytime, from anywhere.

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