Custom Assay Design

Your discovery research is unique and so is our approach. Novel biomarkers require tailored assays, which are technically challenging to develop. REALM Pharma Services engages an expert team of scientists, who consult with our partners to gain a deep understanding of the research questions being asked and design bespoke multiplex assays to help answer them. Our pathology laboratory can handle your precious samples from beginning to end, so you get consistent, reproducible results.

These advanced methods produce rich data but can be almost impossible to assess manually. Our experienced digital pathology team uses advanced imaging methods to capture and analyze whole slide images in brightfield and fluorescence, providing you with quantitative data in a tailored report.

Quanticell™ Advanced Biomarker Quantification

Quanticell™ is a novel, proprietary technology that detects proteins using stable, bright, phosphorintegrated dots (PIDs). It offers higher sensitivity compared to common chromogenic and fluorescence based detection methods, helping to overcome challenges such as low-expressing targets.

Quanticell is versatile and can be used to track and measure localization of monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, bispecifics and recombinant proteins. It offers highly sensitive detection while maintaining tissue morphology and can reduce detection of false negatives. Quanticell is compatible with typical FFPE IHC antibodies and multiplex staining methods in a single tissue section.

Connect with our expert team to determine whether Quanticell can enhance your discovery research.

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