Digital Pathology & Image Analysis

What matters about your slides is the data they reveal. Our digital pathology team can generate high resolution images of your chromogenic or fluorescence slides, using carefully selected scanning hardware, and upload them to our cloud storage platform so you can view them anytime, from anywhere. Multiple colleagues can view and annotate slides, facilitating collaboration and data sharing.

Our team utilizes advanced image analysis tools and AI Machine Learning to get the most data from your slides. From accurate quantification of chromogen intensity, to localization and co-expression of multiplex biomarkers, our experts work with you to uncover rich data that can inform your research. Quantitative statistics, analytical plots, and custom reports deliver your results the way that you want them.

We offer digital pathology solutions to support research at every stage, including tailored clinical trial workflows using a multi-site or centralized model, helping to ensure security of patient data while delivering on critical timelines.

Wondering if you need Image Analysis for your research?

Download our white paper on Image Analysis in Pharmaceutical Research to learn more about the benefits, challenges and what to look for in a CRO partner.

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