Recruitment Fraud Alert

Ambry/REALM IDx has received reports of employment scams in recent months that seek financial commitments, or requests personal information from job candidates. Unsuspecting job seekers may have received unsolicited contacts by phone, email or text from individual(s) posing to be or represent Ambry/REALM IDx recruiter(s).

Please note that Ambry/REALM IDx’s recruiting process does not include asking candidates for payments or other highly confidential financial information. Our recruiters will reach out to you from a or a email address and not from a Gmail, Yahoo, or other private email account. We never charge fees for security deposits, training, application processing, office supplies, or other expenses. Our recruitment team will never ask for payroll info, social security numbers or account numbers, and do not utilize any cash transfer or third-party messaging apps such as Skype, Telegram or WhatsApp. If you ever receive an unsolicited or suspicious communication that demands any form of payment in concert with employment, you should consider it to be fraudulent and cease all contact with the sender. You can report US job scams to the FTC (, your state attorney general, or for international scams. We comply with all required employment laws, regulations and data privacy requirements in our recruiting process.

If you are approached by someone who is pretending to be employed with the Ambry/REALM IDx organization in this manner, please report them immediately. Please email us at [email protected] or reach out to your local authorities. We take this matter very seriously and will take all appropriate measures to address this.

If you are applying for a job, you can confirm the legitimacy of a job posting by viewing current open roles here. All our job postings will require an application to be made directly on our Careers website. For more information on Recruitment Fraud please click here.