Disease Insights Through Integration

For more than a decade, genomics has been synonymous with precision medicine. Yet the more we understand the complexities of disease, the more we realize that genomics is just a chapter, not the whole story.

Disease and all its observable characteristics—or phenotype —is influenced by the interaction between a patient’s DNA – or genotype – and their environment. Integrated diagnostics (IDx) offers a more comprehensive approach to understanding the genotype-to-phenotype contributors to disease.

One of the main challenges to this comprehensive approach has been the complexity of sorting through the noise of a wide variety of data sets generated from multi-omic (i.e., genomic, proteomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic) and multi-modal (i.e., radiology, digital pathology, histopathology) analyses to derive meaningful health insights. Most Industry providers in life science and clinical diagnostics are inexperienced in multi-omic and multi-modal analysis, so they perpetuate the diagnostic status quo and are unable to assemble the bigger picture.